Narrative Language

Narrative Language
When we talk about narrative language we are referring to the ability to tell a story or series of events with precision and clarity. Narrative language skills require remembering what happened, putting the events in the correct order, picking out the key information, finding and using the correct words and producing grammatically correct sentence structures. Academically, narrative language plays an important role in reading comprehension and written language. Socially, sharing personal stories and the ability to express thoughts and ideas plays a critical role in establishing and maintaining friendships.
Narrative Language Practice Over the Holidays
The holidays provide a great opportunity to practice narrative language skills. Try the following ideas to practice story telling with friends and family
  • Talk about favorite holiday traditions
  • Take photos during family vacations and create a memory book. Tell a story about events from the vacation
  • Read holiday stories and have your child make up a different ending
  • Watch holiday movies and retell favorite parts
  • Make up stories about holiday characters such as Santa, Elf on the Shelf or Mensch on a Bench

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